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Who are we?

New Media Design is a multi-disciplinary design and advertising agency. Our aim is to realise an effective and creative way for our clients to communicate with their audiences.

We offer a diverse portfolio of services within interactive media, technologies and cutting-edge communication strategies.

We are headquartered in Østergade in the centre of Copenhagen, and we are represented in London.

Our core market is Scandinavia, however we also have wide experience throughout Europe, and have carried out work that has been used globally for companies such as LEGO.

The NMD Team

Sales, NewBiz, Marketing and Project Management.

Technology: Flash, Video, Lay-out.

Project Management and Accounting.

Art Director

Identity, Design, Layout, Usability, CopyWriting.

Senior Developer

Flash, Web, Server Management, Database, 3D, iPhone Apps

Senior Developer

Web, CMS, WPF, XNA, Kinect for Windows

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